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10 Things Men Can Do To Stop Men’s Violence Against Women

This is from a great group called  A Call To Men.   Send it to every man and boy you know! 1.  Acknowledge and understand how sexism, male dominance and male privilege lay the foundation for all forms of violence against women. 2.  Examine and challenge our individual sexism and the role that we play […]

10 Ways to Make Domestic Violence Awareness Month Meaningful!

With an estimated four million victims of domestic abuse a year, every single person reading this has most likely been touched in some way by this social epidemic. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month ( but every month should be, so let’s commit to ending the violence within our homes, our communities, and where ever else our voices reach. Things you can do to make Domestic Violence Awareness Month meaningful all year

Monetary (Civil) Justice for victims of crime and domestic violence

Crime victims may be entitled to file a civil suit in addition to, or instead of, pursuing criminal justice. Even if the perpetrator has no money. Civil monetary awards can be won even if a criminal suit is lost; and, no there are monetary costs to victims (like personal injury cases, the attorney takes a percentage of the award).

Holiday Party @ Pilgrim Cathedral of Harlem

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On 12/14/13, the Domestic Violence Committee of the New York Women’s Agenda, which I chair, supported Committee member Denise Allen for the second year at the Holiday Party her church, the Pilgrim Cathedral of Harlem, throws for the women and children from four domestic violence shelters.

Domestic Abuse in the US, By Charles Montaldo

Domestic Abuse in the US: Intimate Partner Violence – Causes, Frequency, and Risk Factors in the US

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Message from Nat’l DV Hotline

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Today marks the start of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). We hope you join us this month in spreading the message that everyone deserves a healthy and safe relationship. Read more…

SUSAN Guest-Hosts on WBAI 99.5FM: Orders of Protection & GPS Monitoring

Reduce Domestic Violence Homicides by asking for Orders of Protection with a GPS Monitoring component! Very promising program! Read more …..

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Tip #13 — Not Just Physical; What Constitutes Domestic Abuse?

Domestic violence is usually thought of as battering and characterized by behaviors ranging from shaking and shoving to marital rape to murder. Legally, however, domestic abuse may or may not include physical violence! Read more ….

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Tip #12 – Protest Offensive Media Coverage

Protest media coverage that excuses abusive behavior, blames the victim or trivializes abuse. Read more….

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Tip #11 – Promote Awareness

Ask your local library, supermarket, chain restaurants, department stores, houses of worship, etc. if you can regularly supply them with material from national and local domestic violence programs (they’ll give you all you want) to display by cash registers and leave around for women to quietly put into their pocketbook. Great group project!

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Tip #10 – Donate a Cell Phone

Observe Domestic Violence Awareness Month by donating old or unwanted cell phones to domestic violence organizations or shelters.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Tip #9 – Volunteer at a Domestic Violence Organization

To make Domestic Violence Awareness Month more meaningful for you, give the gift of your time and energy to a national organization or local group in your area that’s actively advocating to end domestic violence and help its victims.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Tip #8 – Adopt a Shelter

Give the gift of your time and/or money to a local shelter. Many times, the women and their families leave an abusive relationship with just the clothes on their backs and funding for shelters is very tight, so pretty much everything is needed.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Tip #7 – Present a Domestic Violence Program to Your Organization

Invite a speaker to your workplace, book group, neighborhood association, religious congregation, PTA…

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Tip #6 – Address Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Does your employer have a policy for workplace safety? Too many lives–and billions of dollars–are lost every year because of being unprepared.

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