Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Radio Show

Crime Prevention 101 is an award-winning, hour-long, magazine-format variety show, with an optimistic perspective on a very sober subject.  We give life-saving information on subjects like preventing sexual assault; discuss legal trends like factors that sway juries; and lighten the mood with offbeat topics like prison coaching for white collar criminals.

Medical identity theft…what hairdressers across the country are doing to address domestic violence… martial artist rabbis who teach synagogues how to protect themselves from attacks…cane fu self defense for disabled veterans…how millions of amateur internet sleuths are actually solving crimes…and why choking someone isn’t always a felony — these are just a few of the topics we’ve covered.

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We won awards:

2010:  Nominated for US Attorney General’s National Crime Victims Service Award from the Office of Victims of Crime

This awardrecognizes  extraordinary individuals and programs from a specific discipline outside the victim assistance field for their service to victims or their contribution to the victims’ field.”

2011:   Presented with Leader of Opportunity Award from the Violence Intervention Project  in New York City

 “By making your voice accessible to millions all over the world, you have played a leading role in educating communities about domestic violence.”  Cecilia Gaston, Executive Director

Now listen for yourself:

  • Click on Radio Show Archives page  for a topics list and show links
  • Click on Radio Show Notes page  for show notes, resources and show links

What people are saying:

*With niche programming on a meteoric rise, Crime Prevention 101 and engaging host Susan Bartelstone really stands out!   I, and my whole family, listen because crime is all around us–from identity theft to the mugger on the street–and this show delivers important content in a way that keeps us coming back.  David Bernstein, former Program Director, WOR, WBZ, WRKO, WPRO

Short and sweet:  A true authority on crime prevention!   Valerie Smaldone, host, Valerie’s New York, WOR News Talk Radio 710

*I am helped and entertained every time I listen to your show.  Bravo and keep it up because we truly need this kind of program on the air.  Nancy Birnbaum, Esq., NYC, NY 

*via Facebook: U r doing highly valuable work that is direly needed; keep it up.  Jim Botsford former radio intercept analyst/reporter for the USAF Security Service

*via Facebook:  My name is Dustin and my wife and I are HUGE fans of the show (via podcast).  We started listening around the first of the year.  Not exactly sure how I found you, but certainly glad I did.  Dustin and Diane Keener

*That was a very good show [Trial By Jury]. It’s interesting to hear passionate stories and opinions about the justice system. =D  The show was very informative and flowed quite well … I felt like I learned a lot =D  Keep it up!  Justin Riray, San Jose State University , CA

*via Facebook:    Just wanted to say, I love listening to your radio shows. So informational and insightful.  Heather Burton-Monahan, Detroit, MI