Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Think Fast and Prevent a Violent Crime: How To Respond To Danger in 20 Seconds (or Less)! $9.99


Front Cover Front Page By thinking and responding quickly—ideally within 20 seconds—potentially violent criminal encounters can be prevented. Using techniques from many surprising disciplines, and illustrated by real-life examples and success stories, this book shows how it’s done.

Based on Susan Bartelstone’s personal experiences deterring five extremely dangerous criminal encounters, fighting her way out of a surprise attack, and her more than 18 years experience teaching safety skills to thousands of women and men, it resounds with her extensive knowledge and experience. Highlights:

  • think quickly in a dangerous situation and respond instinctively—within 20 seconds
  • sharpen your instincts and alertness, develop “people-reading” skills and control panic responses with 10 undemanding exercises that integrate easily into your lifestyle
  • formulate safety plans that address your own personal concerns…with more than 100 safety tips and illustrations

What People Are Saying…

I’ve been reading your book, and it is really great! It is interesting, easy to read, well organized and well thought out. Your points and examples show excellent credibility. I heartily recommend this impressive, empowering book – especially to any skeptics out there who think that if you’ve read one personal safety book you’ve seen them all! – Det. Frederick Fusswinkel, Past President, Long Island Association of Crime Prevention Officers
This book has a lot of helpful information in it, a lot of it new to me as a reader. I’ve have taken a self defense class, and bought books on self defense in the past, but still learned a great deal from your book. I was telling my husband how your descriptions of events had me on the edge of my seat. Your readers won’t be bored! I feel genuinely empowered by your book, and others will feel the same. It’s a revelation. – Kathleen Stratton, Narvon, PA
This book provides a practical, hands-on approach to personal safety. It was easy to read and understand, and doing the exercises this book suggests helped me build my confidence so I can feel safe and secure wherever I go. – Lane Therrell, NRA Safety Instructor, Writer, Auburn, CA
I read “Think Fast and Prevent a Violent Crime” and found it to be very informative. As a 27-year veteran police officer, and a crime prevention officer for 20 years, this book is a very detailed review of what we have been teaching for years. I especially liked the techniques to control fear: Focus Command (stop-breathe-think) and the Calming Breath Technique. Many times in an explosive situation it is easy to “freeze up” and not act or react properly. I am going to use this technique when appropriate in my job and I am going to share this book with my family for their safety. – Officer Samuel W. Garofolo, ICPS, Monroeville Police Department, Monroeville, PA
You did an excellent job of putting this book together in an understandable way for anyone to read; and you were particularly successful at getting across the importance of prevention, precaution and mental preparedness. – Officer Charlene Miller, Boise Police Dept, Boise, ID
I’m really impressed by this book. I’ve heard and read a lot of things that sometimes make me cringe or roll my eyes and shake my head. I think the delivery and content is perfect with regard to what I’ve learned and try to teach others. – Officer Jessie Haden Pitman, Columbia Police Department, Columbia, MO
Provocative and enlightening are the two words that come to mind when reading THINK FAST AND PREVENT A VIOLENT CRIME. After 33 years in law enforcement in the Nassau County Police Department, working in many facets of that department, I have witnessed the results of violent crimes. Those cases involved victims and predators. This book is an eye-opening experience as told by the author through personal and relayed experiences. It outlines the necessary mind set and the precautionary practices that are essential in this day and age and strives to remove the uneducated victim from the equation, thus reducing the pool for the predators. – Det. (Retired) Michael J. Irise, Nassau County Police Department, Long Island, New York
Susan Bartelstone is a savvy, experienced instructor who truly understands that the skill of personal safety is mandatory for living richly and fully in today’s world. This book contains useful information for everyone (men as well as women), no matter their age or physical capabilities. – Matt Temkin, former Court Officer and WWII Combatives Master Instructor, Kew Gardens, NY
Wow, what an incredible book! I’ll definitely be buying copies for family members, especially my 16-year-old daughter. – A. Hoy, Bangor, ME
As a two-time stalking victim, I felt that Think Fast and Prevent a Violent Crime gives you terrific hands-on information about how to avoid threatening situations, and really practical tips about what to do if you find yourself in one. Susan Bartelstone packs a lot of powerful crime prevention knowledge into this book! – Valerie Smaldone, Media Personality, New York City, NY
This book is terrific reading! It should be a required assignment in the “classroom of life” as part of a common sense approach to living your daily life safely. – Officer Daniel .J. Gilmartin, Lynbrook Police Department, Lynbrook, NY