Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Guest Post: Why Your Home is a Target! By Naomi Broderick

Checkmark - w-HouseHaving your home burglarized is not something that most people like to think about.   Losses in personal belongings and damages aren’t the only thing people experience when their home is broken into.  Just the thought that some stranger was walking around the home where your children sleep is enough to make your skin crawl and blood boil.  Some people never regain a sense of peace after such an event.

If your home has ever been broken into, you have probably asked yourself why it was your home and not your neighbors.  While there is no single answer, there are some features that you may not even think of that make your home a more likely target for break-ins when compared to neighboring homes.

**Obviously vacant at certain times of the day

If you have a daily routine like most people, it can be pretty easy to peg down with some basic observations.  Leaving your home obviously vacant at consistent times in the day makes it easier for burglars to predict when you won’t be home.   Even if you are away from your house most of the time, try to give the impression that it is consistently occupied.  Leave blinds and curtains open during the day and leave your porch light on in the evening.

**Not well lit

A house that is not well lit on the outside allows potential burglars to cloak themselves in darkness making them more difficult to detect.  The same concept goes for a poorly kept landscape.  Not only does that give the impression that you are rarely home but overgrown foliage also provides cover for burglars.  Well-trimmed landscaping and ample lighting not only give the impression that the house is occupied on a regular basis but it provides less cover for burglars.

**Hiding spare keys

For whatever reason, so many people seem to think it’s a good idea to hide spare keys around their house be it in the mailbox or in one of those hidden rocks.  My personal favorite is when people decide to hide them under their welcome mat.  There’s a certain sense of irony when burglars use the key that’s kept under the welcome mat to break into someone’s house.  It’s basically just a way of welcoming thieves into your home.  Thieves may be criminals but that doesn’t mean that they are stupid.  If you can think of it, chances are that they will likely be able to think of it as well.

**Thinking your dog is all the protection you need

Your dog’s bark may ward off amateurs but more experienced burglars know that a dog may back off if they present a weapon and act aggressively towards it or that your dog may decide that the situation is ok if treats are made available.  Even if this isn’t the case, you don’t want to leave the protection of your home solely up to your K9 friend.

**Not thinking about what you leave outside by your garbage.

That flat screen TV cardboard box may be garbage to you, but to a potential thief, it is a sign that a potential break-in could be profitable.  It screams “Hey! We have nice stuff!”  Break down large boxes and put them in the trash can or dispose of them at other trash receptacles.


Naomi Broderick is a professional writer who’s secure in her abilities and even more confident in her parenting.  When she’s not juggling her three children in the front yard she writes for  a leader in home security.