Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dear Susan: Question regarding a few men I have been chatting with.

From “casteway4,” Forum, 11/10/12: 

I am on and I have been chatting with several men.  All men ask to go to Yahoo or some other IM service to chat – why?  Also, I have been chatting with the men I am interested in on Yahoo and two of the men have their location in the states on their profile but they say they are currently overseas.  I had two guys say the same location for the same job?!?  What does that mean?  What kind of scam are they running?  Help, I‘m seeing red flags everywhere, should I give up hope of finding Mr. Right?

Susan Says:  You are right to have red warning flags about these kinds of anomalies.  Never forget that predators, con artists and scammers prowl the internet (and dating services!) looking for vulnerable victims.  More than we‘d like to believe.

Stay alert and protective.  Be careful about giving out personal details and confidential information to these men (and women Internet  “friends” as well).

Use common sense.  For example, if a long distance  “romance” develops, be cautious about requests for money despite very compelling, sad tales about the need for it.  That‘s a sure sign of a scam.  

Get educated. Google “internet scams” and “internet predators” and learn about mistakes others have made and take those lessons to heart.

Bottom line:  If too many red flags appear on the flagpole, salute and move on!