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SUSAN GUEST HOSTS ON WBAI 99.5FM: Financial Literacy for Domestic Violence Survivors

Financial Literacy for Domestic Violence Survivors Radio Show
Hosted by Susan Bartelstone, Crime Prevention Specialist
Air Date:  March 9, 2012,  WBAI 99.5FM, http://wbai.org/
Special Programming for International Working Women’s Day

Listen here


It can be almost impossible to leave an abusive relationship if you’re jobless, skill-less or lacking the economic resources to survive on one income instead of two–leaving you and your children trapped and financially dependent on an abuser.

On March 9, 2012, I hosted a radio show on WBAI 99.5FM in New York City, on Financial Literacy for Domestic Violence Survivors, as part of a full day of special programming to commemorate International Working Women’s Day.

I hosted this program not only because I’m a crime prevention specialist who has dealt with domestic violence issues for more than 18 years, but also in my capacity as co-chair of the Domestic Violence Committee of the New York Women’s Agenda, a consortium of 100 women’s groups dedicated to fighting for women’s rights regarding equal pay, domestic violence and economic empowerment.   Check us out at http://www.NYWA.org.

MY first guest was Denise Allen.  Twenty years ago, she was the woman you read about in the newspapers:  a wife and mother of two, abused and beaten for 10 years of marriage, who finally kicked out her husband and was left with pretty much nothing; not knowing where her next meal was coming from or how she was going to take care of her family.  Today, she’s president of her own company, Allen Tax Services and she’s a Domestic Violence activist who works with organizations servicing  survivors, helping them with tax preparation and economic survival strategies. 

Next I spoke with Adria Schmidt, who runs the financial literacy courses for the Violence Intervention Program (VIP) in their Casa Sandra housing units and Yvette Perez who supervises was financial literacy courses in their shelter.  The Violence Intervention Program is the only program in NYC that services Spanish-speaking and immigrant survivors (documented or undocumented) exclusively.

After the show, as Denise Allen and I were leaving the control booth, someone called in for one of the hotline numbers I gave out during the broadcast.  It was an amazing moment for us because we knew someone was listening and taking our message to heart.

NYC Resources:

  • DENISE ALLEN, ALLEN TAX SERVICES, tax preparation and speaker on economic survival strategieschevcel@aol.com
  • NEW YORK WOMEN’S AGENDA FINANCIAL LITERACY GUIDE free download, updated annually, that lists internet resources, publications and financial literacy courses and programs held in all five boroughs of NYC:   http://www.nywa.org
  • WI$E (WORKING IN SUPPORT OF EDUCATION) provides local and national financial literacy education programs to youth and domestic violence victims:  212-421-2700  ♦  www.wise-ny.org
  • VIOLENCE INTERVENTION PROGRAM,  HOTLINE FOR SPANISH-SPEAKING/IMMIGRANTS (documented or undocumented):  800-644-5880 ♦ www.vipmujeres.org
  • NYC DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HOTLINE, staffed by SAFE HORIZON:  800-621-4673 ♦ www.safehorizon.org
  • NYC OFFICE OF FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT provides an extensive array of free or low cost programs to help people obtain financial independencehttp://www.nyc.gov/html/ofe/html/home/home.shtml


National Resources: