Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Crime Prevention 101 is on Hiatus

 Starting in January 2012, Crime Prevention 101 (and me!) went  on a much needed vacation to rest and take care of family obligations for two elderly parents (one with Alzheimers disease).  Unfortunately, those obligations are still consuming most of my time, and I reluctantly decided to put the show on hiatus for the rest of the year. 

Over the almost four years that I’ve been doing this show before the hiatus,  the show has grown and developed in ways I could never have anticipated when I started in 2008.  I’ve met so many incredible guests (many who’ve become friends), and many others who’ve inspired me and taught me so much about the triumph of the human spirit under the most horrible circumstances imaginable.

WE WON AWARDS in 2011Crime Prevention 101 was nominated for a US Attorney General’s National Crime Victims’ Service Award from the US Office for Victims of Crime.  The show was also given a prestigious Leadership Award for our contribution in educating people about domestic violence by the amazing Violence Intervention Project, the only organization in New York City working with Spanish-speaking and immigrant victims of domestic violence.  I’m so proud.

And, on a personal note, I was honored for my work on the Board of Directors of the New York Women’s Agenda at a breakfast attended by 700 people.  I was sitting on the dais behind Billie Jean King!  How amazing is that!!!

 THANK YOU.  My greatest honor, however, has been the many  emails and posts from my listeners over the years. I can’t possibly  express my gratitude for your support over these four years.  Know that it’s been my privilege helping you keep yourself safe!

Please continue to post your comments on my Facebook page:  Susan Bartelstone or email me:  I’ll be checking them regularly and I answer ALL my messages.

My past radio shows are archived on my blog  I post tons of safety tips and articles there on all sorts of crime prevention topics, so please use it as a resource.

Thanks also to my wonderful sponsors– MyForce and My Mobile Witnesstwo fabulous personal safety services for your smartphone.  If you don’t know about them, please check them out.  It’s been so rewarding working with you guys and I look forward to much more collaboration in 2012.