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Domestic Violence in the Latino Community; Bullying Prevention; Legal Website Where Crime Pays! Air Date 10/19/11

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Domestic violence occurs in all cultures and on all socioeconomic levels, but Latino victims (overwhelmingly women) appear to be younger, poorer and less educated than other groups and a lot are undocumented immigrants. Formidable barriers exist that may discourage these women from seeking help despite severe abuse. Tonight, I speak with Cecilia Gastón from the Violence Intervention Project about what’s being done inNew York City to address these challenges; and this program is a model for what can be done in other communities.

 Then, in addition to October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it’s also National Bullying Prevention Month, so my buddy Irene van der Zande, from the worldwide self defense organization Kidpower, drops by to give us bullying prevention tips for parents and kids.

Last, but not least, want to know where you might buy a $2,700 ruby ring for only $150 or a $700 electric guitar for $60 and it’s all legal? I’m going to tell you about, a cool online auction site where you can get amazing deals on stolen,seized or forfeited property recovered by the police–and how crime really does pay!

Got some great personal safety products for you too; and don’t forget to check out my domestic violence safety tips (one for each day of the month) on my blog, or on my Twitter @crimeprevent101 and, of course, my Facebook page:  Susan Bartelstone.

Resources mentioned on the show:

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National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or
1-800-787-3224 (TDD). 

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