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Sherlock Holmes – & – CSI Bootcamp: Air Date 9/21/11

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Sherlock Holmes was using forensic science before we even HAD the word forensic. From Baskerville Hall to the Valleyof Fear, this week I’m exploring the real forensics behind the fictional detective’s greatest cases with crime-historian E. J. Wagner, Edgar award-winning author of The Science of Sherlock Holmes.  Her book uses Holmes’s analytical  techniques, including his use of fingerprints, early photography, trace evidence, autopsies and even zoology, as a jumping-off point to discuss the growth of forensic science during the 19th and early 20th century.

And, if you’re fascinated by TV shows like CSI and would like to explore your inner detective, I’ll also be talking with Janine Vaccarello from the Museum of Crime and Punishment inWashington,D.C., about their CSI Boot Camps where participants learn to how CSI experts process a crime scene by working hands-on to gather evidence.

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