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Sexting and Politicians: Why Do They Risk It All to Bare It All? Air Date 8/10/11

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The only thing new about sexting is the word and the medium because people have been sending naked images of themselves to others in various ways for decades. Remember Polaroid instant cameras and photocopied butt cheeks!

Usually it’s teens and young adults who do it, but when NY Congressman Anthony Weiner’s political career petered out because he tweeted pictures of his wiener (one wiener joke is mandatory) to a young follower and NJ Congressman Louis Magazzu followed him down the same path, I just  had to know the reason. So, this week I speak with eminent psychiatrist Charles Sophy about why politicians and powerful people risk it all to bare it all!  Plus, he’s got tips for you parents to help you monitor your kids’ cell phone and computer behavior.


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Continuing with my summer reading series, I’ve got multi-award winning crime novelist David Corbett, whose books have been described as lyrical, muscular, elegant and thrilling,  to talk about his new book Do They Know I’m Running? and also about neighborhood watch programs–so important in these days of cuts to police departments.

Then, an old friend of Crime Prevnetion 101, security expert Todd Morris, from Brickhouse Security, stops by to tell you about some great personal safety products that’ll keep you up-to date on your kids texting and computer activities and help your home stay safe from burglars and home invasions (August is the prime month for burglaries).

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