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After the Lieby Kletzky Murder: Air Date 7/27/11

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Community Mobilizes to Find Missing Child!  What YOUR Community Can Do.  In mid-July, Lieby Kletzky, a sweet, trusting eight-year old, walking home alone from summer camp for the very first time, was abducted and murdered despite living in the tight-knit NYC Orthodox Jewish community of Borough Park, Brooklyn that’s regarded as extremely safe. New York City and people all around the world are shocked and grieving, so tonight on Crime Prevention 101, I’m talking with Rabbi Jack Meyer, of the NYPD’s Clergy Liaison Unit, who was part of the massive community effort that actually found the clues that led to the arrest of Lieby’s murderer in one day…and before the police did!  Thousands mobilized to find this missing child and what they did in Borough Park is what we ALL want to do in our own communities should a child go missing!!! This is an amazing story.

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What to Tell Children About a Tragedy and How to Tell Them.  And, while we’re grieving for Lieby’s family, caring parents everywhere are grappling with the issue of how to tell their young children about traumas of this nature and the many others that occur as part of life. We don’t know how graphic and detailed we should be, especially when the details are horrific like in this case.   So, up next I talk with Dr. Norman Blumenthal, the Bereavement Director for Chai Lifeline, an authority on what and how to tell your children about a traumatic event who’s been speaking all over New York City and the surrounding area  since mid-July.

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Independence vs. Safety:  How to Raise Self-Sufficient Children in Difficult Times.  And, parents are also struggling with how protective to be of our kids.  How to let them grow up without smothering them with precautions.  Last up, Irene van der  Zande, from the fabulous Kidpower self defense organization, which has branches all over the US, drops by to talk about independence vs. safety and give us seven tips on how to prepare your youngsters to be self sufficient, unafraid and able to defend themselves from predators.    

 Personal Safety Products To Keep Your Children Safe.  Here are a few that sounded very good to me: 

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