Wednesday, February 21, 2018

SUSAN Guest-Hosts on WBAI 99.5FM: Orders of Protection & GPS Monitoring

Reduce Domestic Violence Homicides by asking for Orders of Protection with a GPS Monitoring component! Very promising program! Read more …..

Crime Prevention 101 is on Hiatus

Starting in January, Crime Prevention 101 (and me!) is going on a much needed vacation for a few months.

Surviving and Thriving – Pt 2: Ex-Cons Give Back!

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Sad but true: two-thirds of ex-offenders relapse into crime within three years after they’ve been released from prison. Against heavy odds, however, some DO turn their lives around and this week, I’ll be speaking with some former bad guys who are not only law-abiding citizens but are inspiring other ex-cons to do the same. Spend some time with us and become hopeful.

Surviving and Thriving – Pt 1: Crime Victims Give Back!

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For an optimistic perspective on a sober subject, this week Crime Prevention Specialist Susan Bartelstone speaks with two very courageous young women, who’ve been the victims of terrible crimes–the kind that are the stuff of nightmares. But, they’ve survived and thrived and are now helping others do the same. Spend some time with us and be inspired.

SUSAN GUEST HOSTS ON WBAI 99.5FM: Financial Literacy for Domestic Violence Survivors

It can be almost impossible to leave an abusive relationship if you’re jobless, skill-less or lacking the economic resources to survive on one income instead of two–leaving you and your children, trapped and financially dependent on an abuser.


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What do Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Tiger Woods, Ted Turner and even Franklin Delano Roosevelt have in common? All these famous people (and many, many more) have had their identity stolen or been victims of credit card fraud.

The Penn State Child Sexual Abuse Scandal & Three Strategies to Protect Your Children: Air Date 11/16/11

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Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky has been accused of abusing eight (so far) young boys, resulting in scandalous allegations, charges of a coverup, the firing of legendary coach Joe Paterno and Penn State President Graham Spanier and violent protests by some Penn State students.

The Hunt for the Notorious D. B. Cooper & Keeping Communities Safe Despite Budget Cuts: Air Date 11/02/11

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On November 24, 1971, a skyjacker and extortionist who became known as D. B. Cooper parachuted out of a Northwest airlines flight–and into infamy–somewhere over Ariel, WA with $200,000 of the airline’s money, never to be seen or heard from again. This case has intrigued law enforcement and amateur sleuths alike, including me, for more than 40 years.

Domestic Violence in the Latino Community; Bullying Prevention; Legal Website Where Crime Pays! Air Date 10/19/11

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Domestic violence occurs in all cultures and on all socioeconomic levels, but Latino victims (overwhelmingly women) appear to be younger, poorer and less educated than other groups and a lot are undocumented immigrants.

Hope for Domestic Violence Survivors – & – Cyber Security: Air Date 10/05/11

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With an estimated 4 million victims a year, it’s a good bet that domestic violence — and it’s devastating consequences to the women, men, children, relatives, friends and even co-workers of those involved — will touch the life of every single American at some point in time.

Sherlock Holmes – & – CSI Bootcamp: Air Date 9/21/11

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Sherlock Holmes was using forensic science before we even HAD the word forensic. From Baskerville Hall to the Valley of Fear, this week, Crime Prevention Specialist Susan Bartelstone explores the real forensics behind the fictional detective’s greatest cases.

September is Campus Safety Awareness Month: Air Date 09/07/11

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If you’re the parent of a college kid you know once summer ends, school starts again. But you may not know that September is Campus Safety Awareness Month. Crime Prevention Specialist Susan Bartelstone thinks every month should be because the statistics on campus violence and sexual assault particularly are pretty alarming.

Safe Havens, After the Crown Heights Riots & Reformed Criminals Giving Back: Air Date 8/24/11

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After 8-year-old Lieby Kletzy was murdered and 20 years after the Crown Heights Riots, Brooklyn, NY has stepped up to create safe havens for kids and keep peace in the community between Hasidic Jews and African Americans. This week, Crime Prevention Specialist Susan Bartelstone talks with Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes about the extraordinary efforts this borough has taken to protect its citizens –- steps other communities can learn from.

Sexting and Politicians: Why Do They Risk It All to Bare It All? Air Date 8/10/11

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The only thing new about sexting is the word and the medium because people have been sending naked images of themselves to others, wanted or unwanted, for decades. Remember Polaroid instant cameras, photocopy machines and more recently web cams. We usually think of it as something primarily teens and young adults do, but when Congressman Anthony Weiner’s political career tanked because he tweeted pictures of his wiener (mandatory wiener reference alert) to a young constituent, Crime Prevention Specialist Susan Bartelstone just had to ask why.

After the Lieby Kletzky Murder: Air Date 7/27/11

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Lieby Kletzky, a trusting eight-year old, walking home from summer camp for the very first time, was abducted and murdered despite living in a tight knit NYC Orthodox Jewish community that’s generally regarded as extremely safe. The whole City is shocked and grieving.

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